Why you should come and SEE how your eyes are going

Regular eye examinations are important for everyone, even those with a known diagnosis. Written by Chris Pooley.


The journey of a genetic eye disease sufferer typically begins with frequent visits to an optometrist and ophthalmologist however, once a diagnosis is made, many patients often avoid important follow-up examinations that can contribute to significant improvement in quality of life and treatment.    

While it can be understandably difficult to be reminded that you are visually impaired, ongoing eye examinations allow for changes in a condition to be detected and appropriately managed. This may include updating a glasses prescription, a referral to a low vision service, or medical and surgical treatment.

An eye examination also provides the chance for a patient to learn of any advances in research or technology.  The advent of a new low vision device may mean a patient can perform certain tasks with greater ease than before. Even being re-trained in using a current low vision device can improve one’s quality of life. 

These reviews can also detect eye conditions that occur independently of genetic eye disease.  The earlier such conditions are detected, the greater chance of successful management and treatment.

Are you unsure as who best to SEE about your genetic eye disease? If so, contact the Look for Life foundation through this website or our Facebook group and we will put you in touch with a local eye care professional.